About Us

Who are we?

We are Chimariva. We are a team that creates and sells personalized gifts. Chima, where I live, means to connect and be close. Riva means the seaside. Chimariva means people who are devoted to the sea greeting those who stay on the shore on the deck of the ship. With our products, we try to connect you with the sea theme and your loved ones.
We think the most unforgettable moments in human life are experienced at weddings. Imagine the first time a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress... How would you feel? Or the first time a groom sees his bride in her wedding dress, the first dance, the bachelorette party... Thinking about these, we started designing products and realizing our dreams with my beautiful wife.
On the one hand, inspired by our customers, we started designing and producing personalized gifts for weddings and bachelorette parties. On the other hand, we started sharing our passion for the sea with sea-themed products. And while doing so, we added personalization touches to each product according to the wishes of our customers. Thus, each product became a special gift for our customers.
Over time, our business grew. We expanded our product range and now sell personalized gifts for all kinds of special occasions, not just weddings and bachelorette parties. Our products include Turkish Beach Towel, Bridesmaid Robe, Beach Poncho, Pashmina Shawl, Bride Handkerchief, Jute Tote Bag, DTF Heat Transfer Film and Printing Socks. And on all of these, we apply the personalized designs that our customers want with DTF printing and embroidery techniques.
We strive to offer our customers the most beautiful and special gifts for their loved ones or for themselves. Our greatest joy is to see people who love each other hugging each other with happiness, receiving and giving personalized gifts.
We are Chimariva. We are a team that produces and sells personalized gifts. And we would like to see you as a part of this team.
Would you like to join us? Then, visit our website. Check out our products. Place an order. And tell us what kind of personalization you want on the product. We will send you the most beautiful and special gift as soon as possible.
Celebrate every moment of your life with a special gift from Chimariva